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The credit card – the perfect tool to enable your consumers to make their choices and their purchases without the hassle of carrying around wads of cash. Credit cards function as the most ubiquitous form of payment in America today – more than cash, more than internet transactions and certainly more than checks. If you don’t have a card machine in your business, then you’re throwing thousands, if not millions, of dollars down the drain.

Merchant Account Providers knows that this is the reality, and with our retail merchant account, we provide you top-of-the-line credit card terminals equipped with EMV capability (no more lifting it above your head like Simba to try to get transactions to go through), along with our best rate. We offer 1.09% with only $0.19 on transactions. There are no gateway fees, no application fees, no set-up costs – we keep it simple.

With a wide range of EMV card terminals, you can choose how many you want for your business, as well as which security features are most important for you to avoid fraud and allow you the freedom to diversify how to accept payment whether by swipe, chip, tap or even mobile.

With Merchant Account Providers’ retail account, you see what you get and we will assist you each step of the way. We offer you the lowest rates possible for the most efficient and secure service on the market. If you still have questions about what we can offer your business through our retail accounts, please give us a call toll-free at 1-800-774-7597.

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