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Don’t get us wrong… we’re not saying that shoppers these days are lazy. We’re just going to go ahead and say that sometimes it’s a little bit easier to pick out what you want to buy while you’re in bed with your cats and watching Netflix. Don’t deny it – we’ve all been there. Our point is that shopping – and therefore paying – remotely is how more and more people today are choosing to spend their bucks.

With this being the case, don’t get left out in the cold. A business that isn’t offering an online shopping presence is missing out on some serious revenue. However, we understand that the internet isn’t the safest place, so businesses could be hesitant to accept payments simply through bits of code.

At Merchant Account Providers, we offer safe, easy transactions online through our partner, With our online account, you get a rate of 1.99% and $0.19 on transactions. The gateway fee is only $9.95, with only $0.10 per transaction. Through our online account, you get fraud detection, information management and simple checkout features as well as options concerning different types of online transactions, options for invoicing and the ability to set recurring payments.

If you have any questions about what online payment presence you could have through Merchant Account Providers, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-774-7597.

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