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Businesses are hard. The economy for the past couple years certainly hasn’t made it any easier, either. We understand that feeling – “I know I can be successful, if only I had the money!” Starting up a business is difficult, and being met with rejection at every turn can make it even worse.

We here at Merchant Account Providers understand that financing your project is tough – it takes convincing a lot of people that you’re going to be successful. But we think that everyone deserves a shot to make it, and that ethos is reflected in everything we do: our 99% approval rate, our low rates and our 24/7 service are all there because we want to help as many businesses as possible thrive, even if it is difficult to get off the ground.

Merchant Account Providers offers cash advances up to $200,000 to get your feet under you with no closing costs and no collateral required to secure your advance – sometimes available as early as 24 hours from your application. All we are looking for is a small percentage on future transactions so that we can grow together as partners. Especially in these difficult economic times, we feel that businesses helping each other grow and reach more clients is important.

If you want to know the nuts and bolts of our cash advances, give us a call toll-free on 1-800-774-7597.

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