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Rate: 1.79% Retail
Rate: 2.19% Phone And Internet Order
High Risk ACH: 2%-11%
Transaction Fee: $0.25
Monthly Fee: $10.00

If you run any type of business and you accept checks, you should definitely invest in a check reader. Merchants that have invested in a check reader have been able to cut their expenses related to checks that could not be authorized once they got to the bank. With a check reader, you can authorize checks on site. so you are sure that you will get your money, instead of receiving a handful of checks back at the end of every week.

If you don’t want to invest a lot into the purchase of a check reader, you don’t have to. There are many different units out there to choose from ranging from $100 and up. Many check readers are a part of a unit that can process credit cards as well as checks, and this is a great way to make the investment worthwhile. Many merchants find that it is best to have a check reader at each register, but it’s not mandatory. If you want to give the check reader a try and see if it is something that you should invest in for each register, you can always opt to buy one now and then invest in more in the future, if you find that it saves you money.

Bounced checks have long been a problem for merchants, because without a check reader you have to assume that the check will clear when it goes to the bank. Many people don’t intend to bounce checks, but it happens and it costs merchants a lot of money every year. Investing in a check reader can eliminate the costs associated with bounced checks, making your business more lucrative.

$199 Verifone cr 600

Eliminate the inconvenience and worry when your customers pay by check with the VeriFone CR 600 Check Reader. This unit will verify the customers’ checks, protecting your business from fraudulent check writing, bounced checks, and the expenses involved with chasing down the person who wrote the bad check. Customers who pay with a check will be happy with the speed of the transaction when you run their checks through the VeriFone CR 600.

The check reader features a horseshoe shape, which does several things for your business. First, it saves counter space at your cash register. Second, it allows the reader to scan checks that are wrinkled or folded. The shape also allows the check reader to record the MICR data quickly. Finally, this shape functions more reliably and accurately than traditional straight line check readers.

Another way the VeriFone CR 600 saves your business money is through its self-diagnostic features. Every day when you turn the unit on it will automatically run its diagnostic program, displaying a code for you if there is a problem. This allows you to call the help center knowing what is wrong with the machine, making it much quicker to repair the problem. Also, when you have the CR 600 connected to an electronic cash register, you can have all updates and configurations installed via a remote download. If you do not have an electronic cash register, such updates are easily installed into the check reader through checks with the information embedded in the code.

The CR 600 is also ready for the future. It comes equipped with a port that allows it to accept the VeriFone triple-track reader. This feature is essential for states where every check sale must have the customer’s driver’s license number recorded. When you use the CR 600 and the triple-track reader at the same time, you can verify the check and record the license information quickly and accurately.

Magtek Mini Micr $199

Most businesses need a reliable MICR reader, and if your business is looking for something that is compactly sized and durable you’ll want to consider the Mini MICR. This model is a single feed MICR reader and is perfect for retail and other financial applications where time is of the essence. The Mini MICR has many different interface options and has the ability to connect to most POS terminals.

The Mini MICR has many appealing features including the ability to read E13-B and CMC-7 MICR fonts. The unit can read these fonts on checks, deposits, withdrawal slips, and any other MICR encoded documents. For those that need it, there is an optional 3-track magnetic stripe reader for both ISO and AAMVA cards. Interface options include USB, RS-232, and PC keyboard wedge.


In addition to having several interface options to choose from, merchants can also choose between a white and gray unit. The dimensions are four and a quarter inches in height, four inches in height, and just six inches in length. The overall weight of the unit including the power adapter is 3 pounds. The power input is a 12 VAC, 1.0 amp and the check feed is a single feed input.


There are many accessories to choose from for this particular model and they include two different power adapters, cleaning checks, and MICRBase Software that is available on CD. In addition to these accessories merchants might want to pick up a USB driver, MICR test deck, a single personal size demo check, a single business size demo check, or a deck of 50 either personal or business demo checks.

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