Credit Card Pin Pad

Many merchant services and businesses have discovered the advantages of using an external credit card pin pad, the latest innovation in pin pad technology. The credit card pin pad allows the customer to use their debit card to enter their pin number for their checking or savings account at the point-of-sale (POS). This effectively saves wear and tear on the credit card terminal and eliminates the necessity of moving the terminal back and forth. In addition, speedier transactions can be made with a credit card pin pad.

At present, the latest models feature the standard credit card pin pad method for debit card payment, a smart-card that recognizes gift and loyalty cards, and a third option that provides for increased flexibility by allowing the customer to select the type of transaction or payment method he or she wishes to make. Step-by-step instructions are provided for this option, and the entire process is fast and efficient.

Most external credit card pin pads can be easily connected to the credit card terminal, electronic cash registers, or even to third party POS systems with special adapters. These credit card pin pads are secure and reliable, and easily programmed with simplified function keys. They also have an easy to read 8-character LCD display and separate hot keys for special tasks. Top of the line credit card pin pads will have added security, as well, with the entire program code on one microchip. Equipped with hard rubber keys, the pin pad is compact and impact resistant, fitting in the palm of your hand and taking up very little counter space

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