How to Accept Credit Card Payment?

Most of the business transactions made online are done through credit cards or debit cards. When you accept credit card payment, it increases your chance to succeed doing business online. Even if some people do business transactions, without the use of credit cards their sale is incomparable with those who are accepting credit cards. Typically, this happens due to increase number of shoppers who uses credit cards.

If you own an online store, you have to set up an internet merchant account before accepting any payments made through online. But, if you don’t have an account, you can’t accept credit card payments through banking accounts, which is a process of transferring your costumer’s money into your bank account.

A payment made online is a process how customers pay the goods bought from your online store. When a customer decides to buy something, they have to enter details of their credit cards through a secure application order with a secure server. The submitted information of the card will be validated. This is done to avoid any violation such as credit card fraud. All information is then taken to a payment gateway which might be a Visa or a MasterCard. The payment gateway will transfer all information of your customer’s card to your processor. The next thing that follows is you receive their payments.

The possibility a card could be decline or approved depends on the customer’s card status. It could be that the card is stolen or has limited funds. You should validate the card before final payment transaction is complete. To validate the card, information from your customer is forwarded to your processor. If it has sufficient funds, your customer will be routed to a page where they can choose the service or product they bought. This is the last stage how you accept online credit card payments.

You should also be aware of some issues with regards to security in credit card payment. Keep in mind to have the best secure order form in your payment page. Your order form should present a reliable image with no hesitation or doubt to buy your products and services. Always have a secure server to establish trust and gain good relation with your customers. Your credibility can be at stake once your trust is breach. Moreover, you can include encrypted texts for the credit card details to avoid decoding of the information. With secure line, it’s easy to accept credit card payment and your customers will keep coming back leading to increase sales.

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