High Risk Merchant Account Providers

Being able to take credit card payments for goods and services is a necessity, but finding high risk merchant account providers can be tough. There are a number of reasons that a merchant might be considered high risk, causing increased difficulty in obtaining a merchant account. Fortunately Merchant Account Providers specialize in providing electronic payment options to any type of business across the board. We are dedicated to giving the same priority and service to businesses considered high risk as to any client, meaning a typical approval for a merchant account can be done in as little as 48 hours or less. There are quite a few that will need a bad credit merchant account, we can help… low rates, great customer service, give us a ring!

We are High Risk Merchant Account Providers

With credit and debit cards being the payment option of choice for many people, as well as the surging increase in internet commerce, it is nearly impossible to do business unless you are able to process credit and debit card payments. In analyzing a business for a merchant account, though, various circumstances can send up a red flag that your business might be considered high risk. Things like high volume and high turnovers as well as the business type, such as software sales where the download is immediate after the sale, check cashing services, ticket sales, and even travel. Those are just a few of the indications that will place a business in that category that will make it necessary to shop around for high risk merchant account providers.

That is where Merchant Account Providers comes in. In business since 1997, we have the experience necessary to supply a range of merchant services to any type of business. Whether it’s furnishing credit card machines, mail, phone and internet solutions, or ACH and check services, Merchant Account Providers is proud to be at the top of the list of high risk merchant account providers when it comes to quality and service.

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