Do You Know The Three Types Of Credit Cards

What are credit cards anyway? In our globally business world today, credit cards are rapidly the most common and greatly in demand with people of all sectors that even in remote areas are increasingly addicted in the use of this plastic money all the time. You may be opening a small business or expanding what was once a small sideline into a remarkably real business, with this, you will really need to access and process payments of all sorts, and the best place to start with is, of course, the bank where you would perform all of your business transactions with the right kind of credit card machines at your disposal wherein you will be able to do so. One thing more you should consider is when getting all of this set up is the kind of credit card you are going to use by identifying the kind of business you are into.

Now, there are three types of credit cards:

1) Stationary credit card terminal. This is the very simple and most basic and economical mode of sale terminal. If you are doing business at your home or in just a shop front, then you’ll find that they come in with or without printers, transactions are just mounted on walls or secured on a desk or countertop.  These are commonly seen at restaurants and retailers where small amounts of transactions are done.

2) Wireless credit card terminal.  This type of credit card are frequently used by businessmen who are travelling from place to place, attending conventions and seminars from one place or another and where business transactions are being done as well. Same is through with the door-to-door sales persons that need payments and accept payments at any place where their customers are based. Another is the driver that collects fare from different places wherever their passengers get them.

3) Virtual credit card terminal. It is a software that approves credit card payments on the internet and is now widely in used and is the most popular way for internet processing in payment transactions. By using your computer and internet to interface, you will be able to run the cards through virtual terminal with some important accessories like smart card readers, PIN pad, card reader cleaner, printers, etc.

With the use of credit cards, whatever medium it is, one thing for sure make a right choice when choosing the credit card that best suits your kind of business.

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